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Fraidy Rat

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Fraidy Rat is an instructional tool for teaching neurophysiology that requires only a computer.  Users experience the anatomical and physiological bases of fear learning in a computer-simulated rat.


The Fraidy Rat tutorial is available here:


For those interested, a thorough overview of the program (which is NOT required for instruction) is described here:


Fraidy Rat Instructional Files

Students and Faculty can download the Fraidy Rat Program and Fraidy Rat Tutorials for free.

NOTE:  Fraidy Rat is currently available for both the Mac OS and the Windows OS.  The animation functions in the Mac version are not as strong as it is in the Windows version, but this will not affect the function of the program.


(1)  Download the Fraidy Rat Program:  In order to download the Fraidy Rat program, you must first fill out the User Consent/Download Questionnaire (after which you will be directed to the download button).  Note that you will still be allowed to download Fraidy Rat even if you choose NOT to consent to anything.

--> For more specific download/install/run instructions for both Mac and Windows program, consult the Fraidy Rat Program Readme file:

-->  Here is the complete Fraidy Rat program, Mac version 20e or Windows version 20d, zipped.  Download time is about 1-2 minutes, unzipping time can take about 10-15 minutes.  Be patient!


(2)  Take the Student Pre-Test:  If you are a student and are about to begin the Fraidy Rat module, please take our Pre-Test [NOTE: this will NOT affect your grade].  We are asking you to participate in a study on the efficacy of the teaching module delivered by your instructor.  This study will help us to revise this teaching module to make it more effective and to develop new modules in the future so that they are educationally effective, are easy to understand, and successfully meet student needs.  Not only will your participation help us make better teaching modules, but your participation may also help your understanding of the material (again, this will not figure into your grade).

-->  We ask that you take a short Pre-Test BEFORE the material is presented and also take an identical Post-Test AFTER the module has ended.  These little quizzes will help us gauge your gains from this module.  The quiz can be taken over the web and should take about 10 minutes.  When you take the tests online, please use the SAME, real email address each time, as we will need them for tracking data.

-->  Since we are going to ask you to take the quiz as well as fill out an opinion questionnaire after the unit is completed, we request that you give us your email address so that we can send you one, and ONLY one, reminder email.  We will NOT be sending you any further emails, nor will we submit your email address to any outside sources.  Note: providing you email address is voluntary, as is your participation in this study (see below).

-->  Participation in this study is completely voluntary.  You are not required to participate to receive or use the materials included in this module.

-->  First download the Questions (PDF) then input your answers into the Answer Form (electronic).

  • Student Pre-Test - Questions (PDF)
  • Student Pre-Test - Answer Form (electronic)


(3)  Download the Fraidy Rat Tutorials:


(4)  Take the Student Post-Test:  If you are a student and have completed the Fraidy Rat module, please provide us with your level of scientific knowledge coming out of the module by taking the following Post-Test.  You will also be asked to provide us with basic feedback on the materials used in this module.

-->  First download the Questions (PDF) then input your answers into the Answer Form (electronic).

For Faculty    *** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ***

Faculty members interested in accessing faculty-related materials will need to obtain an account.  Please see the Faculty Web Page for more information.  Faculty members that already have an account may log in and go directly to the Faculty Fraidy Rat Web Page.

If you are a faculty member that has individually completed or taught the Fraidy Rat Module, please provide us with basic feedback on the materials used in this module by filling out the multiple choice Faculty Materials Evaluation:

  • Faculty Materials Evaluation


Extras    *** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ***


(1)  Read the published article (from the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, Fall 2008, 7(1):A1-A8) about the Fraidy Rat teaching tool.

  • FRat (Journal Article)

(2)  Watch a video that provides an overview about the Fraidy Rat teaching tool.

<image here>
  • Video Title Here (video - ?:??)

(3)  UCLA Institution Review Board (IRB) exemption documentation.


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