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Image library of spinal cord motoneurons for analyzing sex differences and effects of prenatal antiandrogens on these neurons. Includes a PDF of an article describing the use of this image library (Grisham, W., Jones, H. B., & Park, S. H. (2003). Sex Differences and Organizational Effects of Androgen in Spinal Cord Motor Nuclei. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 2(1) A29-A36). Also provided are links to free image analysis tools.


Download available of library of images taken through a microscope featuring spinal cord motoneurons that are different between males and females.  Some of the males and some of the females were treated with an anti-androgen drug during prenatal development, which had a dramatic impact.  Also included are a PDF of an article explaining the use of the images, spreadsheet denoting the sex and treatment group of each individual, calibration files, powerpoints, and sundry other resources that faculty might find useful.

Read the published article (from the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, Fall 2003, 2(1):A28-A35) about the use of the RatSCIA image library:

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