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Information for Faculty interested in the MDCUNE project.

Creating a Faculty Account

If you are a faculty member that is interested in learning about and potentially teaching one of our modules (Faculty-Only: SwimmyBioinformatics, Bird Song System, Gel Scramble, RatSCIA) to your own students, you will need to create a faculty account with us in order to access all files associated with the module.  To initiate this process, start by filling out the Faculty Consent Form.  Once you have accomplished the first step, you will then be asked to fill out a short form with your contact information.  After we verify your information and create an account for you, we will email you with details on how to access your account.  To ensure that you receive our reply, add to your email account address book so that it will not be filtered as spam.

Request a FREE faculty account now:

***NOTE:  If you request an account but do not hear back from us in a couple days:

  • email dr.billgrisham at gmail dot com
  • include "MDCUNE Faculty Account" in the subject line

Already Have an Account?

If you already have an account, you may log in on the top right side of the screen.  Once you are logged in you can click on one of the Faculty Modules link to begin viewing faculty materials:

(1)  Swimmy - Faculty Module


  • original .doc versions of all Swimmy tutorials
  • Swimmy Instructor's Manual
  • Swimmy Quiz Questions
  • Swimmy Quiz Answers
  • Swimmy Final Report Grading Keys

(2)  Bioinformatics/Neuroinformatics - Faculty Module


  • original .doc versions of all Bioinformatics tutorials
  • Bioinformatics Final Exam/Report Questions
  • Bioinformatics Final Exam/Report Answers

(3)  Bird Song System - Faculty Module


  • original .doc versions of all Bird Song System tutorials
  • Bird Song System Treatment (Estradiol Dosage) Key
  • Bird Song System Final Report Grading Key

(4)  Gel Scramble - Faculty Module


  • Mystery DNA Student Assignment Key
  • Mystery DNA PCR Product Key

(5)  RatSCIA - Faculty Module

***The RatSCIA faculty page is not yet available -- please visit RatSCIA - All Users' Module for all existing materials.***

(6)  Fraidy Rat - Faculty Module


  • Fraidy Rat Instructor Notes

Looking to Download Swimmy?

In order to download the Swimmy Program ("SwimmyGUI"), faculty and students will first need to fill out the User Consent/Download Questionnaire (which will automatically appear before you are given access to the download link).

Give us Feedback

If you are a faculty member that has individually completed or taught one of our modules, please provide us with basic feedback on the materials used in this module by filling out the corresponding multiple choice Faculty Materials Evaluation.

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