Information for Faculty interested in the MDCUNE project.

Creating a Faculty Account

If you are a faculty member that is interested in learning about and potentially teaching one of our modules (Swimmy, Bioinformatics, Bird Song System, Gel Scramble, RatSCIA, FraidyRat, Structural MRI, Comparative Neuroanatomy, Corpus Callosum) to your own students, you will need to request access to faculty materials.  While we are still developing this website, please email mdcune.ucla@gmail.com using the email listed in your institution’s faculty directory so that we can verify you as an instructor.  Please include your first and last name, and the names of the modules you wish to access.

***NOTE:  If you request an account but do not hear back from us in a couple days:

  • email nschottler at yahoo dot com
  • include “MDCUNE Faculty Access” in the subject line