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Folder Swimmy
Free and complete software providing experience with neurophysiological phenomena and mechanisms of motor pattern generation in virtual neural circuits. Student manuals also provided (Requires Windows.)
Folder Bioinformatics/Neuroinformatics
Image library, student manual, and links to resources to quantify brain phenotype and perform a Quantitative Trait Locus analysis linking variation in the phenotype with chromosomal loci. Coming in Summer 2009 but links are available now.
Folder Bird Song System
Image library of songbird nuclei—Area X, HVC, and RA—allowing comparisons examining sex differences and effects of various doses of estrogen given to females in posthatch development. Coming Summer 2010 but links to quantification software available now.
Folder Gel Scramble
Mystery gel puzzle module.
Folder RatSCIA
Image library of spinal cord motoneurons for analyzing sex differences and effects of prenatal antiandrogens on these neurons. PDF of article describing use of this image library and links to free image analysis tools also provided.
Folder Structural MRI
Quantification of various structures from structural MRI using FSL.
Folder Receptive Fields
Free and complete software providing experience with a visual neural simulator.
Folder Comparative Neuroanatomy
Quantification of hippocampi using ImageJ from coronal brain sections of various species.
Folder Corpus Callosum
Quantification of competing corpus callosum schemes using ImageJ from sagittal brain sections of human subjects.
Folder Neuroscience Scholars
An introduction to neuroscience through a series of short modules and experiments.
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